The following is a list of versioned Updates for Solar Lander (starting with v0.2.0).

v0.2.x Physics Update

v0.2.0 - The Physics Update

The Physics Update (or Physics Overhaul Update) was published on June 6, 2021 and introduces official version numbers for the game.  This update also contains performance enhancements and many new features.


  • Elimination of unrealistic rotation behavior of superstructures.
  • More camera controls, but not to the intended extent.
  • Button and key inertia (slew time in-game) for finer thrust control.
  • In-game axis assignments, sensitivities, and null zones to fine-tune controller response.
  • More realistic and natural-looking terrain generation.
  • Modified gravity behavior when distance to center is less than planet radius.
  • Progression game saving/loading.
  • Tweaked flight computer behavior for kill rotation and undocking.
  • Bug fix that caused some engines to produce more than their max thrust.
  • Replaced trail renderer with a visual orbit display.

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