Sandbox 2


Sandbox 2 is a work-in-progress track editor designed to replace the original Sandbox for building tracks for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season.  This track editor will be able to do everything that Sandbox can do, but better.  Sandbox 2 will also be able to do things that the original Sandbox is not able to do.


The following is a list of milestones set for this track editor to be able to reach.  A detailed breakdown of the milestones and what is required can be found here.  Note that these milestones are put in a specific order so that one milestone leads logically and seamlessly into the next milestone.

Bare Minimum

For this milestone, users must be able to create, select, edit, and delete track segments, sections (including textures), and decals, and export the track to NR2003.  For this milestone, only the overhead view will be available and elevation/texturing will only be editable through the properties window.  The scene explorer may or may not be available when this milestone is reached.

Sandbox Complete

For this milestone, the track editor will be able to do everything that the original Sandbox can do, only better, and with more stability than the original Sandbox.  Users will now have all of the viewports that the original Sandbox has (with most, if not all of the functionality of the original), will be able to add objects to the track, and place multiple backgrounds (not restricted to MIP files) and guides (and have multiple guide types).  This will be in addition to all the features afforded by the properties window and scene explorer.

Export Complete

For this milestone, the track editor will be able to edit track cameras, all aspects of the track.ini, the AI lines, and package the track up into a DAT file.  The exporter will make sure to not pack any unused files, and the file explorer will highlight files used by the track.


For this milestone, the track editor will be able to edit and export multiple track configurations (aka: courses or layouts).  This may or may not include the ability to generate the 3DOs of the other configurations (considering that NR2003 treats each configuration as a different track).

Feature Complete

For this milestone, many luxury features will be added to the track, such as a LUA and/or plugin API, the use of heightmaps to assist in making realistic recreations of real life tracks, and various types of 3DO generators for scenery.  It's at this milestone that the track editor will be out of beta and be officially released.

Planned Features

The following features are planned to be in by the Feature Complete milestone, but some of these will be in before them.  Use the above section as a rough guide on what will be included and when.

Enhanced From Sandbox

The following are enhancements to the original Sandbox track editor and don't really add anything new.  They just extend what Sandbox already has.

  • Segment-relative decal angles
  • Segment-relative trackside objects
  • Keyboard entry for segment and section positions
  • Improved editor stability
  • Load track in spite of errors, with a complete list of what went wrong
  • Ability to select overlapping segments more easily
  • Background images don't have to be in MIP format

Additional Features

The following features are not present in the original Sandbox, but will be present in Sandbox 2.

  • Undo/Redo functions
  • Use multiple backgrounds and guides
  • Save backgrounds and guides
  • Create and snap to template geometry
  • Edit AI lines, cameras (and preview them), and track.ini from within the editor
  • Support for multi-configuration tracks
  • 3DO generation capabilities
  • LUA script support
  • Automatically apply "Butter's Rule"
  • Automatically copy textures from other NR2003 tracks
  • Edit track and objects from 3D viewport
  • Click and drag segment rotation
  • Generate MIP and STP images